Friday, March 27, 2009

The Christian Science Monitor: Treeless

Today marks the last day of The Christian Science Monitor's daily print edition. Starting Monday, the Monitor will publish online only, with the exception of one weekly print edition. Go here to read a letter from John Yemma, the editor. Go here for reminiscences from many Monitor staffers, past and present.

Go here for an interview between Yemma and NPR's Terry Gross.

Unlike other papers that depend primarily on advertising to pay the bills, the Monitor should be able to make the transition without resorting to massive cuts in the newsroom -- the dreaded 12 percent solution -- or a decrease in the quality or scope of the journalism. Or so we hope.

I got my first clip -- and first paycheck -- from the Monitor for a feature on pidgin and creole languages, pegged to the work of two Stanford professors. bk

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tk said...

It is sad even if there is not loss of staff. Particularly for you since it was your breakthrough. by the way, it was also my breakthrough with my photos of the ginger bread house in LG.