Thursday, January 15, 2009

the monitor goes web-only

Go here ( to listen to John Yemma, the editor of The Christian Science Monitor, on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He talks about the paper's new business/publishing model as the paper goes online only during the week, with a print edition on weekends only.

He also discusses web-first journalism, and how that will significantly change the look, feel and interaction of the website. He predicts stories will be shorter, some will be faster, others will be "bloggier." And there will be traditional, longer stories, too.

He also predicts that to meet cost targets, the Monitor, one of the country's most well-respected papers, may have to decrease staff by 10 percent. Still, he says, the Monitor will retain its large stable of international correspondents.

He also addresses the big issue, prompted by a question from Terry Gross: who will pay for the news? And what will happen if no one does? bk

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