Monday, March 23, 2009

and suppose the choice is oreos?

The newspaper death march continues. The Ann Arbor News announced today that it will close up shop in July to be replaced by, a digital site for daily news. Read the press release from the editor, who admits that lay-offs are inevitable, here.

Go here to watch a talk from the "Content Director" of

He says that the new site is not the "death of journalism" in Ann Arbor, but the future of it as local bloggers and community members will end up sharing the venue with professionals. (Possibly a consequence of the 12 percent solution?) He goes on to say that, in order to shape the site, "We're not going to tell you what's important in your life -- you're going to tell us what's important to you."

Really? I thought that was part of the journalist's job. Consider what gets lost, especially if no one opts for the broccoli. bk

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geewhy said...

For all of's talk of a new and exciting product, they lede with the most boring video ever created. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sorry, I dozed off before I could point out that they never mention how this will make money.

Plus, somebody is already doing what they plan to do. It's called the Ann Arbor Chronicle: