Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pretend editors and speechification, part deux

Two quick reads:

First, is the Wizard of Oz behind all this?  The Vibrant Nation, an online website about I don't know what, proudly announces in a staff bio no less that its editor is a "composite."  Read: does not exist.  Should the site be renamed Virtual Nation?What's baffling to me is that they/she/it is not embarrassed to admit it.  Go here for more rom Charles Apple ... 

And, in the wake of the five big whoppers in Paul Ryan's speech at the Republican convention last night -- read about them here, here, and here -- Salon's Steve Kornacki reports on the way that much of the media chose to report on what he said, rather than the truth of what he said, leaving it up to the fact-checkers to do the work. 

Which brings up the perennial question wrt what I call speechification:  is the journalist's job to report the facts -- or to report the meaning/veracity of those facts?  I know where I stand.  bk