Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what's in a name?

An interesting debate is raging at Utah State over changing the name of the Journalism Department to Department of Communication. Read about it here in the Herald Journal.

Brings up some old issues: theory vs. professionalism; "blessing" one academic area over others; the value of branding. Hmmmmm. bk


geewhy said...

Many departments of journalism contain all the areas that the new entity at Utah State will have and they're just called the Department of Journalism. Why not just keep the old name of Journalism and Communication? It will save them money on stationary, and it doesn't sound like anyone is clamoring to have "journalism" removed from the name.

Then again, if changing the name hurts the brand, then the new PR students will have a nice project in rebuilding it.

Lotta K said...

Sounds like they are changing from "Journalism & Communication" to "Department of Communication", as they are also incorporating a "Department of Languages, Philosophy and Speech"? And they argue that Communication would be the umbrella term? Sounds like an ok compromise to me, given that the merge is a done deal. Or they could just go ahead and use "Journalism, Communication, Languages, Philosophy and Speech." (Which actually pretty accurately would describe my BA.)

Lotta K said...

I'd agree on the stationary argument, but I think it's funny how it would make the philosophers feel to be using it.