Wednesday, March 18, 2009

near and far

Just when you get to thinking that blogs are senseless, the following comment blows in, illustrating, if nothing else, the far reach of information. I do not know who "F" is -- but thank you. You can find the article "F" references here.
Blogger F said...

Hi,I am an english senior from China. I have just read your article - College:Time for passionate pursuits - on an old magazine.I guess the article was written five years ago.However, the scene exactly depicts what we experience at class now.As senior students, many of my classmates are busy seeking for jobs or just sleeping in their dorms. Once there are only three students attending the class. Our teacher said he liked small class but I can feel his disappointment. I hope I can meet people who are passionate with their own ideas instead of majority followers but I feel it is not very likely especially when the reality push us to be realists.

I like the ending of this articles very much.

Thanks for your articles.

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tk said...

No more talk about no one reading your blog. Some of us read it religiously (and I don't mean on our knees). The comment from China is something to be proud of. I think that over time you will get many more comments from people you don't even know. Attagirl