Thursday, November 13, 2008


One last riff on objectivity, at least for today, from Fine on Media in Business Week. Read it here.

This graf on the Wall Street Journal gets right to the point:

"I’ve defended, even
very recently, against the notion that a News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal has been slowly tilting rightward, a notion that more than a couple of Journal readers have floated past me in recent weeks. I still stand by this. Although what’s more to the point is that I frankly don’t care, as long as the Journal reports actual facts and I can still access hundreds of other news sources as a counterweight."

I noticed something similar last week, on an early flight back from PA. We grabbed a WST from the hotel lobby on our dash to the airport, and I was pleasantly surprised at how even-handed, comprehensive and credible the reporting on the last weekend of the campaign seemed to be. I found no agenda whatsoever -- until i turned to the op-ed page.

As for the bias I found there, frankly, I didn't care. bk

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