Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the beat goes on

Jack Gillum sent me a link to this Q-and-A with New York Times White House correspondent Sheryl Gay Stolberg. She discusses the ins and outs of Washington beat reporting, why you don't want to go to the chummy place with sources -- but how you can be shut out if you don't, especially when dealing with a freakishly secretive administration.

(Jack adds: "Note how long they've requested an interview with the president")

What she has to say can be applied to any beat reporter, even those of you struggling through the dog days of Comm 141. bk

P.S. Back to Jack. He also wrote: "I was in the newsroom on election night, and it was a flurry of activity. Then I went to downtown DC and saw people cheering in front of the White House and dancing on cars. What a country."

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