Wednesday, November 19, 2008

do you hear that sucking sound?

Rumor has it that Sarah Palin may be looking at a $7 milion dollar book deal.

In an era when money is tight, and word-on-paper is becoming an endangered species, you have to wonder: How much money is that deal siphoning from all those books that could be published -- but aren't? sigh. bk


tk said...

...and now Joe the plumber gets a multi six figure deal to write a book!!!!! I guess there are no other books out there which should be published TK

Kelsey W. said...

I don't believe that I would read a book about Palin. And I think that coming out with a book soon will just make everyone criticize her even more.

Timithie said...

and JTP too! I am not sure what is more offensive: that these folks are getting book deals, or that enough Americans are going to buy these books for them to make the NYT best-seller list. Sheesh.