Friday, November 14, 2008

Phoenix rising?

Like just about everything else in this economy, women's (and men's) magazines are hurting, too. WWDMedia reports that ad pages in fashion magazines have taken a 10 percent hit. (Be sure to check out the chart at the bottom of the page.)

What strikes me is that when ad pages disappear, the dark side should be taking as big a hit as editorial, yeah?

As media continues to contract across the boards, you have to wonder what will be left standing and in what form. (The old-school high-tech term was shake-out.) Maybe we (that's the collective "we") will come to terms with the essentials when it comes to media and pour our limited resources in that direction, resulting in a stronger, more responsible news media, magazine and otherwise.

And maybe we will also eventually see the job opps flip so that bright, young well-trained media types will gravitate toward news rather than spin if only because that's where the paychecks are.

Fantasyland? Possibly. Still, you gotta hope. bk

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