Saturday, October 18, 2008

on the tube

Gotta wonder:

Why Sarah Palin would do a drive-by on Saturday Night Live tonight, but has never been on "Meet the Press", arguably a more appropriate venue for a vice-presidential candidate.

And so I just emailed "Meet the Press" that very question, asking if they would publicly invite Ms. Palin to appear on the program, given the fact that she apparently has no aversion to NBC. (see above.)

Clearly, it's in the public interest for the voters to see either how she would come across on this influential, unscripted and important forum -- or her reasons for sending her regrets.

Just asking. Maybe you should, too. bk


Megan Mills said...

I just watched SNL and all I can think about Palin right now is that she should want to go on Meet the Press to defend herself because, in my opinion, she just set herself up for a lot of jokes. It was ridiculous. Why she agreed to do this is beyond me. At least this is good for Obama.

Marie Fuchslin said...

I just read an interesting article about Sarah Palin by Mark Leibovich titled "Among Rock-Ribbed Fans of Palin, Dudes Rule." It is from the New York Times on Sunday, October 19th. It is mainly about how men perceive Palin, and how her defenders are usually "the Joe Sixpacks." One man said he came to one of her events simply "to look at her," while another man said "Marry me, Sarah." The article is ridiculous; I mean seriously, aren't there more important things to be writing about right now?