Monday, October 6, 2008

more quick linx

My post on spin-spotter a couple weeks ago spurred Jeremy Herb to give the app a whirl. At best, sub-par. Read what he found out here.

Another former capstoner, Matt Rankin, just forwarded the following link from HuffPo on the role of blogging in a democracy. The post features four spirited speeches delivered by students in the Yale Political Union in a debate on whether blogs help or hinder.

Go here for the latest issue of the neiman narrative digest. One of the "notable narratives" is all about numbers: -- a blog.

Mediabistro today included links to three articles on citizen journalism, regarding the recent faux post on Steve Job's "heart attack" -- totally untrue -- which sent Apple shares plummeting. Wired suggests that if the poster was trying to manipulate the market, he could end up doing time for it. Tech Crunch notes that because the post was on iReport, it carried a lot more weight than it might have because of the CNN imprimatur. And MarketWatch says "that from this we will see a re-evaluation of the idea of so-called citizen journalists, with a lot of criticism coming their way. My advice: Get over it. We're stuck with what we have." Growing pains, yeah?

And finally, WaPo's Howard Kurtz hits a theme we talk about all the time in class. The essence of reporting: looking under the rug and at the horizon. He looks at why the business press didn't see the Wall Street mess coming. Or if they did, why there was no warning.

That's it, at least for now. bk

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