Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just curious:

According to Beet.TV, the Wall Street Journal is currently training many of its print reporters to use video as well. The site further reports that "as of June, 185 print reporters at The Washington Post had been trained to produce online video."

Is this an indication that reporters will soon be expected to report across multi-platforms? A sign, as Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer predicts here, that print will be gone entirely in ten years?

If both Beet.TV and Ballmer are right, I wonder what the impact will be -- on the news media itself and on those who either produce it or rely upon it. Your guess: good as mine. bk

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Andrea said...

interesting observation - half the time i read your posts and i laugh to myself because honestly i think you are inside my head - these are ideas i'm bashed over the head with everyday.

case in point: today i was chatting with Kara Swisher who writes for the WSJ's digital media blog AllThingsD. She explained to me that while she is trained in traditional journalism, she finds it much more engaging to take her flip cam with her wherever she goes to tape interviews off the cuff...