Wednesday, October 22, 2008

on ethics

Three quick questions:

Where do you draw the line between private and public figures? How do you define rights to privacy? And how do anonymous sources muck things up?

Three linx for your consideration. The New York Times did a feature on Cindy McCain this past weekend. Read it here.

Salon's Glenn Greenwald questions whether that piece was relevant or just dredging up gossip.

Finally, last week the University of Texas El Paso campus newspaper ran a story about the forced resignation of the homecoming queen. (Be sure to look at the sourcing.)

And check out the aftermath.

I guess that was four. bk

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geewhy said...

Friendly advice to The Prospect...simply state in the paper that each individual is entitled to one free paper and additional copies cost $1. That eliminates any question that actions like this are theft, not a "prank." It becomes a police matter, not a student life matter.