Sunday, October 19, 2008

cocktails for capstoners

Four of the former capstoners who now live in the Big Apple met for drinks not long ago. According to Megan, who forwarded the pix, they talked a lot about journalism, reminisced (clearly, in a revisionist way) about capstone, and talked story ideas with Jeremy, now in j-school at Columbia.

I figured they would have all met in some chi-chi bar over in the meat-packing district or some such glamorous locale. Not quite. The meet took place at a dive in the East Village called Kings Tavern. "I suggested the place because draft beers were $4 that night... and that is a big deal here!" Megan wrote.

Not exactly The Hut, but then, so few things are.

From left: Kristin Swenson ('07), Alice Joy ('06), Jeremy Herb ('08) and Megan O'Connor ('07).

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