Saturday, January 17, 2009

and more.

Jack forwards this piece about the possible demise of the Tucson Citizen, owned by Gannett. The paper gave him his start in journalism and has been publishing continually since 1870, some 40 years before Arizona became a state.

Be sure to read the comments, which are not only creepy, but show a thorough lack of understanding of what journalism is all about.

On a better note, Max forwards this link to Talking Points Memo, which in turn quotes a reader who sees a possible silver lining in the cascade of newspaper bankruptcies: namely that the survivors will return to the original purpose of the press. They'll be in it for the news, not the money.

And finally, in what looks to be a pricey display of hope over reality, the San Francisco Chronicle (currently losing some million bucks a week) will unveil a spiffy new printing press this spring, during its "144 days of surprises" to celebrate its 144-year anniversary. Go figure. bk

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Ricardo lives in AZ. In the desert, no one is there to hear you scream.