Wednesday, April 1, 2009

tweet, tweet

Go here for a spot-on spoof of the twitter nation in the Guardian.

The Head:
Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

The Deck:

• Newspaper to be available only on messaging service
• Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters

My favorite graf:

A mammoth project is also under way to rewrite the whole of the newspaper's archive, stretching back to 1821, in the form of tweets. Major stories already completed include "1832 Reform Act gives voting rights to one in five adult males yay!!!"; "OMG Hitler invades Poland, allies declare war see for more"; and "JFK assassin8d @ Dallas, def. heard second gunshot from grassy knoll WTF?"

And second best:
At a time of unprecedented challenge for all print media, many publications have rushed to embrace social networking technologies. Most now offer Twitter feeds of major breaking news headlines, while the Daily Mail recently pioneered an iPhone application providing users with a one-click facility for reporting suspicious behaviour by migrants or gays. "In the new media environment, readers want short and punchy coverage, while the interactive possibilities of Twitter promise to transform th," the online media guru Jeff Jarvis said in a tweet yesterday, before reaching his 140-character limit, which includes spaces. According to subsequent reports, he is thinking about going to the theatre tonight, but it is raining :(.
Happy April Fools Day! bk


Kyle Schwing said...

Twitter is becoming increasingly more popular, as is evident through the explicit examples stated. Personally am not a fan at all!! Does everyone really care what you are eating and when?? I don't think so. Loved the blog Professor!
Kyle Schwing

Rock Stead Easy said...

Hilarious comic on twitter. Sums it up quite nicely. "Into the twitter-sphere!!"