Wednesday, April 22, 2009

print: the online driver?

Editor and Publisher offers the new list of the top 30 online newspaper sites as of March 2009. Not surprisingly, the New York Times took the top spot.

What may be a surprise, however, are these indicators that online-onlies may not provide enough cash to save daily journalism, at least not yet: The article cites Scarborough Research, which found that the number of adults who read newspapers only on the web was a meager 4 percent.

What's even more of a surprise was the fact that the traffic to the website for the Seattle Post Intelligencer -- which recently killed its print edition -- fell off the list completely, down 23 percent over the past year.

Could it be, posits Jennifer Saba, the article's author, that it takes print to drive people online? Scary thought, especially as newspapers continue to shut down -- or threaten to do so.

Or could it be that when we go looking for for online-onlies, we're looking for sites such as HuffPo and Talking Points Memo that provide a whole new model?

No answers -- but you have to think that, maybe, that London study got it right. bk

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Rock Stead Easy said...

Could it be the efficient layout of NYT that gives it the most popularity. If you look at SPI-- its a little confusing...