Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"architects of the change"

Or so I call my students.

The future of journalism may well be up to them.

Figuring it all out -- or trying to -- can be scary or thrilling, depending on your point of view. (Or, I guess, whether or not you have some means of support.) King Kaufman, writing today in Salon, sees it as the latter. Read what he has to say here.

Like his attitude. bk

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Makenzie R. said...

I am personally terrified. How he is so excited...even if there is no place for him in the future...i'm not sure. Because I am feeling like there may be no place for me in the future, and that is scary. Especially when you are paying for a good deal of your tuition in loans. If I don't get a job in what I studied for 4+ years...what is the point? We can't make a change unless we get the opportunity to, and that is what scares me.