Tuesday, December 9, 2008

News 2.0: what journalism isn't

Josh Korr of Publishing 2.0 offers this advice on deciding what NOT to write when it comes to digital journalism or what Jeff Jarvis calls the "link economy."

In addition to telling stories in new ways that take advantage of all the bells and whistles out there on the web, Korr suggests that we should also avoid fillers.

He writes:

Once newsrooms better define their idea of filler, it’ll be easier to stop those stories before they start. It’ll also make it easier to come up with better ways of treating certain subjects.

For example, “scrapbook news” — county fairs, local events, awards — could be a place to start experimenting with crowdsourcing. National or world news that has become filler because of the nature of wire coverage could be made relevant through linking. Local political coverage could focus more on how policies will affect readers and less on news-free campaign events. And crime coverage could become more data-driven and be integrated “into a health & safety site, because violence is a public health issue,” as Jane Stevens suggests.

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