Monday, September 21, 2009

all about the numbers.

Good, bad, indifferent. Some quick hits:

Read here about a newspaper bailout bill now working its way through Congress. Is Obama a fan?

San Francisco Chronicle Editor-at-large Phil Bronstein goes on HuffPo to combine two words you rarely see in the same sentence: "future" and "print" and to offer his take on the above.

Finally, the bad news: journalism jobs are disappearing at three times the rate of other jobs throughout the economy, says Editor and Publisher.

But, but, but. The audience for news isn't going away. Still need people to do the jobs. We can sit and moan or we can put the thinking caps into overdrive. I vote for door number two. Ideas? bk

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Shannon Chloupek said...

In my opinion, it makes no sense why journalists, and other professions in the news media sphere, have been losing their jobs at such an alarming rate compared to most other industries. People thrive on the news and they thrive on staying informed on the economic front, as well as political, social, and global fronts. News media and journalism is an industry that sparks interest among people, no matter what race, gender, age, or income level they are a part of. So why is it that those who compose and publish the news are the first to take cuts in their paychecks, and worse, loose their jobs?
A government bailout should happen. I don't think this bailout should necessarily require them to become non-profits either. The integrity and accountability of these newspapers continue to be threatened until someone takes a stand to support print publications, and the news media industry general.