Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When paper trumps screen: It's about the serendipity.

Here's a quick example. This morning in the SF Chron, I found an opinion piece (left on the breakfast table atop the pile of papers by someone who had found it first) written by Matt Kettmann, one of my daughter's friends, who is an editor at the Santa Barbara Independent and strings for Time Magazine.

The likelihood that either of us would have found in online is slim or none -- unless we had gone looking for it. And why would we have done that?

The piece, entitled "Slumdog Reality", is about volunteer docs working to eradicate sickness and blindness in India's slums, one vitamin at a time. Something the movie didn't touch. bk

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight via AP

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Lotta K said...

did you like movie? I didn;t.