Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the future of news: all digital

Go here to find Steve Outing's vision of the all digital newspaper. In a column in Editor and Publisher last week, he predicted that the future of news will be more like a conversation between reporter and reader than the current one-way delivery of news, that it will be fully multi-media, that updates will be instant, and beat-blogging will be as prevalent as what we now know as reporting.

All of which can certainly rev up what we now know as news. But Outing also predicts that in this digital vision, tech staffs will have to size up, while the number of reporters may, of necessity, size down. Read between the lines, and you have to wonder: Are there enough hours in the day for the reduced staff of reporters to carry on conversations with citizens, feed their blogs, edit video and sound slides, update their facebook and twitter accounts .... AND still get out to do some credible reporting? My head spins.

Tom Wolfe once offered this advice to a roomful of students upon their graduation from j. school: Never take a job that keeps you inside the building. You do the math. bk

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