Friday, January 8, 2010

the future of magazines?

Here's what some folks are predicting the new tablet computers can do for the magazine industry. Lots of glitz, lots of pix -- and actual reporting and writing, too. Can't say I'd use one, but if it will keep magazine writers in business, I'd buy one.

Here's the link to Sports Illustrated's prototype. (My apologies for the swimsuit segment.) Below is the video. Let us know what you think. bk


Kyle Duse said...

It looks like the kindle on steroids. I like it, makes me think there might be hope for young writers. Now to get work with the companies who agree to it. Gotta love the job hunt.

Michelle Chun-Hoon said...

Its funny how my partner and I in your Journalism class predicted something like this for our newspaper of the future. Then in class the following week we hear that other students also predicted a "kindle-like" newspaper. Looks like technology is going to make reading the newspaper the new "cool" thing to do.