Thursday, July 9, 2009

good bye, good luck...

Happy trails to the Printed Blog, an incomprehensible idea from the outset.

The New York Times reports that the ill-fated paper, the brainchild of John Karp, has folded up shop. Karp initially financed the paper with savings and credit cards and in the end, could not find the venture capital to keep the paper afloat. If you ever saw a copy -- which featured the worst of what blogs have to offer -- you won't mourn its untimely demise. (Full disclosure: I only saw one issue, but it was enough for me.)

From the Times' story:

Mr. Karp started The Printed Blog to try out a new solution to the problem facing all publications: readers are going online, but advertisers still pay more to appear in print.

His idea was to take free articles and pictures from blogs, with their permission, and print them on 11-by-17-inch pieces of paper. Then he sold ads to local businesses and distributed the papers at train stations in Chicago and San Francisco. Though he still had to spend money on paper, ink and delivery people, he tried to cut costs by putting commercial printers in the homes of the delivery workers.

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